A small place with a big personality

DEAR IRIS, it took me a while to slide back into a paved world and I am still missing Dominica a lot and you too! Thanks for making our time on the island so unique. I do respect in so many aspects the energy and way you gave from your life to guide other people into an adventure with our ancient mother Earth! Thanks Iris, and we will meet! Joanna


Kevin Ansley said...

Had a great time! In fact, we are still here (1 more night! Thanks Iris ).

Canyoning with Richard and Jeffree (who dem!) was awesome and made our trip! A trip into the "true beauty of Dominica"!

Iris's cooking really made the trip (too!)... natural and like art work! we were spoiled. Gotta have another bean sandwich!

The cocoa tea gave us the energy to make the hike to the boiling lake. Good stuff!


Ed and Kate

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