The Lady With The Straw Hat- Moses Ellingworth

Hi Iris

I wanted to thank you for your great hospitality yet again. Although we were only with you for 1 night it was nice to see everyone. The new house is very exciting, and it's great to see the canyoning taking off as well. A couple staying at Zandoli when we were there was raving about how much fun they had and how impressed they were with the safety precautions taken when canyoning.
I did manage to see the American Football Super Bowl on Sunday after several calls to different places the bartender at the Anchorage said to come on down. The only other people there were 4 American divers so we all watched the game together. My favorite team, the New York Giants, won right at the end of the game. The bartender at the Anchorage, Laryl, was very nice. When he closed the bar at about 10:30 he just gave me the remote control for the TV and told me to shut it off before I left, Nice folks at the Anchorage.
We were taken with the work of Ellingworth Moses after looking at the works at your place and at a restaurant in Roseau.
Barbara and I met Ellingworth at the studio the morning that we were heading for the airport. It was hard to choose from so many good works but we finally chose an original acrylic " Lady in a Straw Hat ". It's at the frame shop now and we're looking forward to hanging it in our home. Thank you for acquainting us with his art.
Hopefully we'll be back in Dominica next winter. Our best wishes to you all.

Kevin and Barbara Hannon

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