Me and my Irish girlfriend
Hi ,
I'm back home after a week of working down in the south of England - it's however snowy, windy and wet. Being at Cocoa Cottage made my holiday and I miss you all, I really do, I wasn't ready to go home. However I am home and apart from happy memories and loads of laughs, the best present you lot gave me is the 7 to 8 hours nights sleep that I am now getting, instead of the miserly two hours disturbed napping which was my lot before I came - you don't know the relief it is, the lack of sleep for months was driving me slowly insane. It was my insomnia that made Anna and Barney send me to Dominica - I am so thankful to sleep again, I was always good at it, but lost the knack due mainly to Miss P45 leaving or falling off the roof, one or the other. The other nice thing when I got back to Britain, all my friends said one of two things, 'you've met somebody' ( unfortunately no - not in that sense) or 'you look so much younger, how did that happen?' (mud pack from the valley of desolation). Anyway you know that I look forward to seeing you all again and if you could make it here do come and stay with me and I will do the cooking and the mixing of the drinks. Lots of love Crispin (assistant manger of Cocoa Cottages)

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